Top 10 Business Schools to Study in the US

Top Business Schools In The United States If you want to pursue your higher education in business, the United States is a perfect destination as it is home to some of the world's best business schools. The country offers a wide range of programs and opportunities to study in USA. The business schools in the United States have established partnershi...

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Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) - A Complete Guide

A Letter of Recommendation is a record given by your Professor, Project Guide, or a Reporting Manager with whom you have worked before. A Letter of Recommendation is fundamentally drafted by somebody trustworthy affirming for your experience, abilities, mastery, and accomplishments. A very much drafted LOR from a decent recommender can help your ap...

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University essentials - What to pack while moving to a new country for studies?

Phew! You finally bagged that seat in your dream university, all set to fly to a whole new country. You're probably overwhelmed and not ready for the next crucial step- PACKING! To make the process less complicated, here is an organized checklist of all things you will have to fit in your suitcases. Before heading straight into the categories, here...

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Why Choose Teaching as a Career in Australia?

Did you know that over 400,000 international students are enrolled in Australian universities? Among a few of the popular courses in Australia, Teaching and Education courses are chosen by many international students and we see there is a spike in students enrolment rate in recent times. With a rising demand in this profession worldwide, Australian...

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Do You Actually Know How Student Insurance Works in the USA?

Budgeting and managing expenses is a common concern for most international students who aspire to study abroad. Expenses related to tuition fees, monthly accommodation, your transportation charges, food expenses, and other extra expenses maybe a little more than expected, and if not planned wisely, it may result in stress and confusion.In addition ...

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Tips For Choosing a Study Destination in 2021

These expert tips for choosing a study destination in 2021, will help you choose the right destination to study abroad! Study Abroad In A Country Best For You Studying abroad is an exciting idea and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It exposes you to a new lifestyle, different cultures and people from different socio-economic backgrounds...

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Unleash the Cooking Master in You

Students wanting to fulfil their passion in cooking, improve their techniques and build a rewarding career will no doubt benefit in taking Commercial Cooking course. Completing the course will open various pathways to achieve success in this exciting global industry. Check the other exciting reasons why you should take Commercial Cooking:Australian...

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Studying Nursing In Australia

Everything You Need To Know | The Experience Of Studying Nursing In Australia. This blog contains excerpts from an interview with Joshua Kang, A Nursing student at the University Of Swinburne Covid-19 exposed the unfortunate inadequacy of healthcare systems all over the world. In Australia, it was no different. Although a highly developed country w...

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Why Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia to study, work and live in

Australia's garden city, the city of cafes and street art, the home of Australian sports and fine arts, but most importantly, the city of dreams and hopes for Australians and many other students across the globe. Ah, Melbourne! Why choose to study in Melbourne? This is a question that runs through the mind of every international student who is seri...

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The UK Graduate Route Visa - Guide

Taking the right route - Post Study Work Opportunities with UK's new Graduate Route Studying and working in the UK It is undoubtedly one of the most desirable study destinations for students from across the globe and has been the top choice for years now.  Apart from being known as a country that is home to top-notch universities offering vari...

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Top 5 student cities in the USA

The USA - The land of glamour, glitz, and dreams! With New York as its financial and cultural capital and Washington DC as its political capital - it is more than just an interesting place to study at and explore. Not to forget Chicago's modern and unique architecture and the famous city Los Angeles - Home to Hollywood!   Ever imagined yoursel...

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Why is cultural sensitivity important today and how to develop it

In an increasingly globalised world, being an international student is without a doubt particularly advantageous. It certainly carries more weight on your resume than that of a home-bred candidate. But what's equally important is the expectation to blend in with the culture of the host country in order to bring out the best in you. This post t...

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Tips to write an impressive SOP for your MBA abroad

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you"                                                                              ...

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How to celebrate the holiday season as an International student

Who doesn't love the holiday season?  Beautiful lights, an amazing selection of wines, mouth-watering desserts and other delicacies along with some fabulous holiday goodies are sure to make you feel all festive and happy. It is that time of the year when everyone looks forward to the holidays and good vibes. However, this time of the year coul...

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Top 6 Reasons to Study in USA

Top 6 Reasons to Study in USA

Are you planning to study abroad? But confused if you should choose USA as your study abroad destination? Explore Top 6 reasons why you should study in the United States.

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Top Reasons to study in the USA

Top Reasons to Study in USA

Think about a home of diverse ethnicities, the highest number of top ranked universities, attractive landscapes, surf along the west coast beach…Pause! Interesting right?

Shape Your Career in Top UK Universities

Shape Your Career in Top UK Universities

Ever wondered why so many international students choose UK as their study abroad destination? UK is one of the most popular study destinations and is well known for its language, history, culture, research and innovation.

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Choose Your Future – Explore Bachelor Options in UK

Choose Your Future – Explore Bachelor Options in UK

Now that you have given your board exams, you might be exploring various undergraduate study options.

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Best Time to Apply in UK: 2 Year Post Study Work Rights Re-introduced !!

Best Time to Apply in UK: 2 Year Post Study Work Rights Re-introduced !!

Are you aware of the latest policy changes which have happened in the UK Higher Education Sector?

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5 Benefits of Studying Cybersecurity in the UK

Benefits of Studying Cyber security Cybersecurity is an essential part of technological growth that acts as a protective system against malicious attacks.

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