Best Universities in the UK

Ever wondered why the United Kingdom has been the most preferred study destination for most international students?

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Off-Campus Student Accommodation Tips for International Students in the UK

With the expansion of British universities, an increasing number of international students are studying in various cities. However, most on-campus student halls provided by British universities can only cover less than 20% of the student population. Since the 1980s, student apartment providers have emerged and evolved into a robust student accommod...

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canada-latest-IRCC-update-1 Canada IRCC Update

Canada's New Study Permit Cap for International Students - 2024

  In a significant announcement, Canada has set a new cap on the number of study permits to be issued to international students in 2024. The country plans to welcome approximately 360,000 students for the next two years, marking a pivotal shift in its approach to managing the influx of international students. This development is crucial for st...

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Using Japanese Wisdom to Navigate Life after High School

Graduating from high school and embarking on the journey to college is a truly exhilarating time in one's life. As you bid farewell to the familiar halls of high school, you open the door to a world of endless possibilities and new experiences. You might also be finding yourself standing at the threshold of a future filled with both exciting possib...

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10 Best Ai tool for students

10 Best AI Tools for Students: A Comprehensive Guide

As we navigate the digital age, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has brought about a transformative impact across various sectors, and education is no exception. The advent of AI has revolutionized the way students learn, interact, and engage with their educational materials, thereby making their academic journey more streamlined and ...

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How to Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out? | University Application

Oi, time to go for a higher level of study right? Thinking of applying to your favourite universities overseas? Here's that one thing that plays a very important part in your student visa application – the Statement of Purpose(also known as Personal Statement). What is an SOP/Personal Statement, you ask? A statement of Purpose is an essay that stat...

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Why Study Veterinary Course Abroad?

Do you love helping animals as much you love playing with them? Then Veterinary Courses are for you! You can choose from a number of courses such as Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc & AH), BVSc in Animal Production & Management or, BVSc in Veterinary Medicine, Public Health & Hygiene to begin your journey as a...

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5 Tips To Ace Your Visa Statement Of Purpose

As a study abroad aspiring student, getting a visa would probably be the last or final step in venturing into a new country. You may or may not go in front of a visa officer, but you surely would need a statement of purpose for a student visa to substantiate your application to study abroad. A visa officer would typically adjudicate a few hundred a...

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Study abroad packing tips

Study abroad packing tips

Taking up new roles and drafting a new plan for life is exciting, refreshing, and extremely challenging. We are glad that you have finally decided to begin your study abroad journey. 

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What are STEM Courses, and Why Should I Study One in 2023?

The world is changing rapidly, and in order to keep up, we need innovative thinkers who can solve problems and create new solutions. If you are someone who loves science and wants to pursue a career in a field that is growing in popularity, a degree in the STEM field may be the perfect choice for you! But why are STEM courses so popular and in-dema...

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UK provides international students access to COVID-19 vaccine

Guide for California Social Work Degrees and Schools

 The sunshine and balmy weather, The glamour of Hollywood, The rolling waves crashing on shores, Which place is gifted like this, you might wonder. Well, California it is! From diverse landscapes and woody forests to sun-kissed coastlines and the best beaches, the Golden State of California is a wonderland by itself. You can discover hundreds ...

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Studying in Australia

 Studying Abroad! The minute this thought flashes your mind, you are faced with hundreds of countries you can explore and thousands of programs and universities you can be a part of. But, how do you find the best fit for you? Suppose you want to explore a multicultural society, discover yourself in a welcoming country, spend your days living i...

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The UK University Rankings and Top Master Degrees - 2021

Studying in the United Kingdom is an exciting opportunity. And If you're an international student aspiring to pursue your master's degree, we're sure you already have started looking out for the best Universities and top degrees in the UK!  It's no surprise that British universities are regarded as the best internationally. With top university...

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How to write an effective SOP?

Time to go for a higher level of study right?  Thinking of applying to your favourite universities overseas? Here's that one thing that plays a very important part in your student visa application - the Statement of Purpose (also known as Personal Statement). What is an SOP, you ask? A statement of Purpose is an essay that states an applicant'...

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Tips for IELTS Test Preparation

Staying at home is an absolute necessity with the ongoing pandemic, but we know how tiring and boring it can get! This is the time to brush up your skills and turn your studying abroad dream into a reality. Wondering how? IELTS IELTS is the gateway which helps you explore the world around you by studying abroad. To help you stay on your toes, ...

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Study abroad benefits

How studying overseas can change your life?

Wondering what makes studying overseas different and exciting? We'll tell you all about it! Along with access to better quality education, the whole experience of living in and adjusting to a new place and culture far away from home is absolutely worthwhile. You will get to pick up on cultural, political, and environmental nuances that you might ha...

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What is SAT Exam, and How to gear up for SAT Exam Preparation?

 At AECC Global, our quest for something new & something unique never ends. This is why we're always scouring through our sources and getting information from our counselors to add all the latest study abroad Examination trends to our articles, and we have listed down some cool SAT tips and tricks. If you're a student looking for the answe...

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study in Australia

5 Reasons To Pursue Your Higher Education In Australia

Australia is the land of beauty. From the bounties of nature, golden beaches, tropical wilderness to the magnificence of its cities, Australia is a land of exotic splendour. But it is the Australian approach to education that has taken the reputation of the country to greater heights. Australia is amongst the most preferred overseas destinations fo...

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How do education counsellors ease your study abraod journey?

The Value of Education Counsellors In the age of social media and handheld devices, gathering information can be done at a click of a button any time at your convenience. Whether you are researching for the best university in Australia or the UK, or the lifestyle of international students in Sydney you can do it anywhere you are. Having done their ...

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Top 10 Business Schools to Study in the US

Top Business Schools In The United States If you want to pursue your higher education in business, the United States is a perfect destination as it is home to some of the world's best business schools. The country offers a wide range of programs and opportunities to study in USA. The business schools in the United States have established partnershi...

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