Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Being one of the most popular study destinations in the world, Australia has a lot to offer on a holistic level to international students. Their education system is globally renowned and is highly regarded as one of the best in the world. To further extend their support to international students, the Government of Australia has in fact invested over AUD$ 300 million for scholarships for international students in Australia. There are plenty of scholarships in Australia for International students seeking financial support to pursue their study abroad goals. It only takes the right set of information to get closer to earning one. Read on to learn more about the various scholarships in Australia for International Students.

Australia Awards Scholarships for International Students

  • One must have completed a minimum of 18 years of age and must have the intention of adding to the development of your home country.
  • Diversity preference (women applicants, minority groups, people belonging to rural/ economically weaker sections of society).

Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Award

  • One must have completed a minimum of 18 years of age at the time the program or course begins.
  • One must not have received any Australian Government grant in recent years.

Destination Australia Scholarships in Australia for International Students

  • Based on predefined eligibility criteria, Higher Education Providers (HEPs) can provide these scholarships to domestic and international students.
  • International students must be studying at a regional campus or remote area. Some areas include Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, etc. 

Australia Government Research Training Program (RTP)

  • Meant to encourage students’ passion in research, if they are pursuing a Doctorate or Masters degree – basically, for High Degree Research (HDR).
  • The student must be enrolled in an accredited HDR course at an Australian Higher Education Provider (HEP), to be eligible for RTS Stipend, RTS Fees Offset, and RTS Allowances.
  • Eligible for RTS Stipend, if the student is not receiving income from another source to support their general living costs, during their course of study if that income is greater than 75%  of that student’s RTP Stipend rate.
  • A student must not be receiving an equivalent award or scholarship from the Commonwealth designed to offset HDR fees, to be eligible for RTP Fees Offset.

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To get in touch with our expert team, simply leave your details below and we’ll call you for a FREE consultation.

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