How To Find Engineering Jobs in Australia

Engineering Jobs in Australia

Australia is a land of opportunity for all international students. This is especially true for those who want to pursue a career in engineering. There is a high demand for engineering jobs in Australia. The Engineer is one of the most coveted positions in the country.

By working in the capacity of an engineer, mainly in regional Australia, you can boost your odds of staying in the nation for a long time. An engineering career in Australia promises a very good salary package as well. Read on for more information about engineering jobs in Australia.

Where in Australia Are Engineers More in Demand?

Within Australia, Western Australia and Queensland both have a higher requirement for engineers. Currently, Perth is in the process of expanding structurally and economically. The regional areas in Australia provide more work opportunities in fields like engineering as compared to some of the major cities.

Thanks to the recent boom in heavy lifting, construction, and mining sectors, these jobs have become more important for Australia's economic growth. Local engineers are in short supply in Australia, so employers here are looking to recruit international professionals with the following qualifications:

  • An engineering degree at a university is recognized as equal to a degree in Australia
  • Work experience
  • Excellent skills in the English language, as evidenced by an IELTS score of 6 or more.

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In Australia

An important factor that international students consider is how much can engineers earn in Australia. Here is a list of the highest-paying engineering jobs in Australia for your reference:

1. Electrical Engineers

An electrical engineer designs, develops, and oversees the processes of manufacturing, installing, operating, and maintaining equipment, systems, and machines, to generate, distribute, use and control electricity. Working in this capacity requires you to have a high level of skill and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or another related discipline. Some electrical engineers in Australia have postgraduate qualifications as well.

Australia has around 25,000 electrical engineers. The average age of electrical engineers in Australia is 39 years. An electrical engineer in Australia earns $2,538 per week on average. However, that figure does not account for the factors such as experience, that can impact an individual's salary. Therefore, it is not wise to use it to determine weekly earnings for electrical engineering jobs in Australia.

2. Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers

An industrial, mechanical, and production engineer designs, organizes and supervises the processes of building, running, and maintaining mechanical plants and installations. There are around 40,000 industrial, mechanical, and production engineers in Australia. The average income of the professionals is $2,410 a week, an indication of the high skill level they require to do industrial, production, and mechanical engineering jobs in Australia.

3. Chemical Engineers

Australia is home to around 2,500 chemical engineers, and about 20% of them are women. Chemical engineering jobs in Australia entail designing and preparing specifications for not only chemical process systems, but also the commercial-scale construction and running of chemical plants. The average age of chemical engineers in Australia is 38 years, and their average salary is $2,250 a week.

4. Civil Engineering Professionals

A civil engineering professional in Australia not only designs, plans, organizes, and supervises an array of construction projects, but also analyses soil behavior and so forth. The average age of professionals involved in civil engineering jobs in Australia is 36 years, and their weekly income is $2,211 on average. Australia has over 60,000 civil engineering professionals, doing jobs that require high skill levels. This explains why they appear on the list of high-paying engineering jobs in Australia.

5. Software Engineers

Every list involving the high-paid engineering jobs in Australia should include software engineers because they are in high demand here. They design, develop, document, modify, test, execute, set up, and support different software programs and systems. Their primary job is to deal with the whole software development life cycle. So, software engineering jobs in Australia require high levels of skill and are well-paid. The average salary of software engineers in Australia is $2,153.85 a week.

A Bachelor's or Master's degree in software engineering, computer science, or software development is generally required to perform a software engineer's job. Some have a VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualification as well.

How to Find Engineering Jobs in Australia?

Besides a relevant engineering degree, what you need to have for one of the most in-demand engineering jobs in Australia is competency in English for IELTS certification. You will also need a relevant work visa or PR to do an engineering job in Australia. To get a visa to work in the capacity of an engineer here, you should undergo an assessment of your academic curriculum and professional competence. The association that is devoted to that evaluation is known as Engineers Australia.

Knowing where to seek engineering jobs in Australia and networking are important to find the best possible occupation for you.

Start Networking the Right Way

When it comes to networking, consider using a combination of an in-person approach and an approach that involves a social networking website like LinkedIn, to build your engineering contact list. Networking is an important way to familiarise yourself with other engineers in Australia. Engineers Australia provides networking opportunities with its local groups and divisions in your regional town or city.

Create a profile on LinkedIn with the same information that you use on other job application options, along with a complete summary section. If possible, get LinkedIn recommendations from your coworkers to offer future employers some insight into who you are.

Know Where to Find Engineering Jobs in Australia

There are many ways to discover engineering jobs in Australia, either through general job search websites or engineering-specific websites. Numerous job sites have search categories in not only engineering but also related fields. Seek and Indeed are two job search websites with engineering categories, whereas is for engineering-specific employment opportunities in the country. Use one of these sites to find top engineering jobs in Australia.

The Direct Approach

You may also approach a future employer directly. Do a Google search, explore companies listed in the share market, or read the Australian business press to help find the whereabouts of companies with vacancies for engineers in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions on Engineering Jobs in Australia

1. How to Get Civil Engineering Job in Australia?

Becoming a civil engineering professional in Australia usually requires a relevant Bachelor's degree. In most states, working independently in the capacity of a civil engineer requires a professional license. You will be able to apply for the license after not only your graduation but also your practice in the form of an engineer for four years.

2. What is the Highest Paying Engineering Job in Australia?

It is difficult to answer this question because the salary for an engineer depends on many different factors, including their experience and skills. For instance, the salary packages for civil engineering jobs in Australia for freshers and experienced people will differ significantly.

Becoming a civil engineering professional in Australia usually requires a relevant Bachelor's degree. In most states, working independently in the capacity of a civil engineer requires a professional license. You will be able to apply for the license after not only your graduation but also your practice in the form of an engineer for four years.

3. How to Get Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Australia?

There are several requirements for you to meet to get a job in mechanical engineering here. One of those requirements involves getting a PR visa or work visa. There are several visa options for mechanical engineers in Australia.

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