What is SAT Exam, and How to gear up for SAT Exam Preparation?


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Let's have a glance at the detailed SAT Exam Syllabus for Indian Students. We will then dive into the SAT Exam structure, eligibility, and other test particulars.

SAT Exam Syllabus and other related details.

Keep reading to know more about the following:

  • SAT Full Form
  • SAT exam syllabus
  • SAT Score
  • SAT Exam Eligibility
  • SAT Exam Fees
  • SAT Exam Preparation

The SAT Full Form is - Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is a reasoning test for getting admissions to universities in the USA and worldwide for undergraduate courses.

Given below is the Structure of the SAT exam syllabus.

SectionNo of QuestionsTime given
Reading5265 Minutes
Writing & Language4435 Minutes
Math ( Without a Calculator )2025 Minutes
Math ( With a Calculator )3855 Minutes
Essay ( Optional )150 Minutes
  • Reading Section with 52 questions.
  • Writing and Language Section with 44 questions.
  • Math Section (without a calculator) with 20 questions.
  • Math Section (with a calculator) with 38 questions.
  • One optional essay question.

What's a SAT Score?

The SAT Exam is conducted for a total of 1600 points, which is segregated into two sections. The first section comprising Math questions is for 800 points, and the other areas are dedicated to reading and writing, which is for 800 points. Hence the total SAT score is 1600, with the essay section being optional. The SAT exam consists of multiple-choice questions with four answer choices.

What's a Good SAT Score?

Generally, a good SAT score ranges between 1200 to 1400.

Highest SAT Score1600 ( 800 + 800 )
Average SAT Score1000 to 1200
SAT Total Score1600
SAT Exam Eligibility

The College Board, which is the SAT Exam's conducting body, has not laid down any specific SAT Exam eligibility criteria for students wanting to appear for the SAT exam.

  • Usually, candidates who are aspiring to appear for the SAT Exam are between 17 and 19 years.
  • Candidates can appear as many times as they want for the SAT exam. The SAT Exam in India is conducted five times a year. The test is usually organized in March, May, August, October, and December.
  • Students who want to apply for undergraduate studies abroad must have completed their high school education.

SAT Exam Fees

Generally, the SAT Exam basic fee is approximately $52. This varies with the country of the applicant. For Indian applicants, the SAT Exam fees are between $106 to $117 if you choose an essay and $94 to $101 without an essay.

Simply put, the SAT exam fee ranges from 6200 - 7000 INR in India.

SAT Exam Preparation

A Student ensemble is incomplete without the perfect preparation strategy for the SAT Exam, as it becomes the deciding factor for enrolling at your favourite universities. So scroll down to understand and adapt to the below SAT Tips & Tricks.

  1. Get registered
  2. Know Your Weaknesses
  3. A Study Schedule
  4. SAT tips & tricks
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice
  6. Ready for the Test?
  7. Do a lot of reading.

Get registered

The first step to getting started with the SAT Exam is to register on College Board's official website by creating an account. You can select a feasible time and place from the different locations and slots listed. Try to pick a place that's not too far away, since you'll have to drive there the morning of the test! It's always best to choose a date at least three months in advance.

Know Your Weaknesses

Once you understand the SAT Exam syllabus, you'll want to figure out what areas you're weak in and set a baseline. Practice tests are the best way to figure this out. After taking the series of practice tests, calculate your SAT Score and estimate where you stand.

This self-evaluation test will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. The sections where you did best are your stronger ones, but you can also get more granular than that. Make a note of all the questions you missed for a more profound understanding post the test. The SAT Exam also provides guidelines for calculating your subscores in different areas.

A Study Schedule

Based on your SAT score and how much time you have before the test, you'll have to make a study schedule for yourself. A consistent amount of time and focus has to be spent every day. It's also best to set aside specific, scheduled blocks of time in advance.

SAT Tips and Tricks

The most important part of SAT Preparation is learning the best strategies to approach. This includes knowing how to eliminate answers best, guess when to manage your time, etc.

Skipping many questions will also make you feel less confident. Due to time constraints, if you skipped many questions, then try picking the answers which you believe are right. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the SAT Exam, so that guesswork might be smart.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Rigorous practice and time management skills are needed to clear the SAT Exam. You can do this by practicing specific question types, topics, or entire sections. When you get your answers wrong, ensure to rework through them to understand where you were incorrect.

Do a lot of reading

The SAT Exam is very heavy, with long passages filled in. The questions are pretty straight and not burdensome. But, reading, understanding, analyzing, and answering takes lots of time. By doing a lot of reading, you will make the process faster in no time.

Read magazines and newspapers to improve your reading skills. So hit the books now.

Ready for the Test?

While nearing the test day, don't be strained; instead, relax and concentrate. We know that it is difficult to fight the urge to pick up your books and continue practicing, but last-minute studying could lead to unnecessary stress.

Get a good sleep the night before the exam, eat healthy, and grab your essentials in your bag. And yeah, don't forget your calculator!

The SAT Exam is all about strategy and smart work. Prepare well for it


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