Shape Your Career in Top UK Universities

Shape Your Career in Top UK Universities

Ever wondered why so many international students choose UK as their study abroad destination? UK is one of the most popular study destinations and is well known for its language, history, culture, research and innovation.

It enjoys a proud tradition of education with universities rooting back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Whether you are looking for the fast-paced lifestyle of London, or the more laid-back culture of Edinburgh, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the United Kingdom.

Thousands of students from all over the world choose to study in the UK every year because of the globally recognized education system and industry-oriented skills imparted to the students during their course duration. You as a prospective student will be exposed to an international way of learning that will widen your scope of career options. You will not only get a chance to enhance your technical skills but will also develop your professional and social network.

Here’s why you should study in world renowned universities of UK:

  • Wide Range of Study Options: Top universities in UK offer well-researched, high-quality and diverse range of courses to the students. Their devotion to education and performance will help you to excel in your area of expertise making you ready for the right job and higher remuneration according to your skill set.
  • Flexibility to Customise Your Degree: Many undergraduate and post-graduate degree courses have flexibility built into them, giving you the chance to grow your knowledge and skills in more than one subject area. There are also optional interdisciplinary modules in the courses that allow you to choose a specialization alongside your main programme.
  • Rich and Diverse Profile of High-Quality Research: Universities in UK focus on research excellence that makes a difference, addressing real-world challenges that benefit the industry, professions, academia and society as a whole.
  • International Exposure and Teaching Excellence: Universities impart high-quality teaching to the students underpinned by wide ranging links to industry and professional bodies. Students are offered a distinctly British learning experience within a truly international environment. The teaching excellence framework (TEF) that assesses the quality of teaching in universities in England has divided the universities as Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • Vibrant Campuses and Student Experience: Your time in UK university can be a life changing experience both personally and professionally. You’ll make friends from around the world and have the chance to enjoy a whole new range of social and cultural activities whilst you learn, explore and develop professional skills.
  • Lower Cost of Education: Undergraduate degrees in UK are of 3-4 years and a master’s program is typically between 1-2 years, saving your education & living costs. Studying in the UK costs upto 20,000-30,000 pounds per year for UG and PG course which includes both tuition fees and living expenses. However, the cost may vary based on the institution, location and the course.
  • Attractive Scholarships and Bursaries*: Institutions in UK offers variety of scholarships, financial aid, grants and bursaries to the international students.
  • Numerous Employment & Internship Opportunities: Top universities have close links with the industry and professional organisations across the UK and all over the world that attracts the high quality guest speakers, lecturers and multi-national companies. Students are also given various internship opportunities during their course of study at both UG and PG level.

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