Prepare for a leadership role with Engineering Management Degree

Prepare for a leadership role with Engineering Management Degree

Eager to take a leadership role in today’s technology-based industry? If yes, then a degree in Engineering Management might interest you.

Engineering Management is a specialized form of management that brings together the technological engineering and the organizational administration & planning abilities of management.

A degree in Engineering Management won't solely enhance your communication skills but will also upgrade your technical knowledge required for the project management and technical product development. This course acts as an entry to high-ranking management positions whereby you’ll have a chance to reinforce your applied mathematics, quantitative and technical experience and conjointly develop valuable business skills like management decision making and formulating ways that may aid in enhancing the operational performance of complicated engineering driven enterprises.

Engineering managers have experience in both general management and the specific engineering disciplines. They have the necessary skills to coach, mentor and motivate technical professionals working in the organization. Engineering management is typically taught through a combination of lectures, case studies, hands-on workshops, laboratory-based practical classes, engineering design activities, tutorials, group and individual project work and consultation sessions. During the duration of the course, students are encouraged to participate in business research projects which is a good way of putting your degree knowledge to practical use.

Engineering Management Career Overview

Engineering management is amongst the top 10 highest paying master's degrees, increasing the need for qualified engineering managers in many industries.

According to a survey, the demand for engineering managers will increase manifold by 2020. Having management skills as well as engineering skills can greatly boost your career advancement. On an average, engineering management salaries are between $75,350 and $166,400 and varies depending on various factors like the industry you work in, your experience and education.

Responsibilities of engineering managers include:

  • Project Management
  • Research and Product Development
  • Formulate plans for successful completion of projects
  • Manage employees from various global engineering and cross-disciplinary disciplines

At each stage, technical engineering knowledge is highly valued because of the ability it gives you, to communicate effectively with your team, other departments in the organization and your clients.

Major industries that employs engineering managers are:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Electronic Component Manufacturing
  • Navigational Measuring
  • Scientific Research and Development Services
  • Electro-medical and Control Instruments Manufacturing

Various well-researched specialized engineering management courses are offered by renowned international universities that would develop your technical knowledge and managerial skills. Develop a blend of technical expertise and business skills, to excel as an engineering manager in popular overseas study destinations like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA.

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