Top 6 Reasons To Study In Flinders University


Ranked 266 worldwide, Flinders university is home to over 26,000 students and 5,000 international students from over 90 countries. Established in 1966, Flinders University offers 500+ undergraduate and postgraduate courses across its three campuses.

With an aim to make a difference by changing the lives of its students and ultimately, the world, Flinders University has excelled in providing a world-class education to its students for over 5 decades.

But why should you choose Flinders University? That's exactly what we will be answering on today's blog, continue reading to know more.

Now moving on… Why Study In Flinders University?

 1. Students Are At The Centre Of Everything

Flinders University was established in the year 1966, with the hope of bringing about a change in the educational landscape of South Australia. And that's exactly what it has managed to do in its 55 years of existence. And its standing among the educational institutions of the world, speaks for itself.

It is ranked 43rd in all of Asia Pacific and is among the top 2% universities in the world. And that's only possible because Flinders University is focused on student success.

This is one of the reasons behind the creation of the spanking new Tonsley campus that cost a cool 120 million dollars. It centralizes Flinders' teaching and research in the fields of the future such as computer science, artificial intelligence, defense and national securities, autonomous vehicles, information technology, engineering, and mathematics.

2. Facilities At Flinders

The main campus of Flinders is located in Bedford Park, just 12km south of the city center. It has stunning panoramic views of both the city and the Southern coast of Australia. At Bedford Park, you will find facilities such as

  • food and drink options including multiple cafes, fast food chains, food trucks, a sushi restaurant, etc
  • ATMs and Banking Facilities
  • A well-equipped gym that's open 24/7.
  • A vast library that's also open 24/7
  • Other than facilities such as child care and parenting centers, health and wellbeing services, spiritual services, etc

And there is also the Victoria Square campus, which is located right at the heart of Adelaide and is the perfect choice for students who love living and studying among the hustle and bustle of a city like Adelaide.

The Tonsley campus is located in a neighborhood that is touted to become the Silicon Valley Of Australia, and houses businesses like Tesla, Rockwell Automation, SAGE, Siemens, etc. This is such a great environment for international students, enabling them to become innovators and future entrepreneurs.

3.  Accommodation At Flinders

Did you know that Flinders is the ONLY university that has on-campus accommodations in the Adelaide metropolitan area?

The University Hall is a fully catered accommodation with over 200 students calling it their home. It fosters a warm and welcoming environment, making it easy for you to meet and engage with other students from all over the world.

You can have plenty of fun here and take part in activities such as

  • Student Barbecues
  • Music Nights
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Team Sports Activities
  • And other social events.

Not to forget, you can literally just walk to all your classes without ever having to worry about the morning commute.

But if you are someone with an independent streak, there is always the Deirdre Jordan Village. It balances the comfort of living close to the campus while allowing you to be independent and unbound by rules.

And if you want to live off-campus, you can take the help of the free accommodation service offered by the International Student Services. The service will help you find temporary accommodation until you can find a permanent residence.

4. Student Life At Flinders

Talk to anyone who has graduated from college, and they will tell you that college life is not just about studies. Yes, your coursework is important, but what you do during your free time at college will help shape the kind of person you will become in the future.

When you go to Flinders, you will get to live in one of the best cities in the world - Adelaide. It was recently ranked as the 3rd most liveable city in the world.

It is a unique mixture of a bustling, multicultural and modern metropolis that is also beautiful, scenic, and peaceful.

Don't believe us? Just take a look at these magnificent views.

And, you don't even have to go far away from campus to experience these stunning views.

Both the Bedford Park and Victoria Square campuses offer stunning views of the ocean and the city respectively.

If you're someone who's interested in getting together with a group of other students to explore, learn and experience something new? Well, you can join one of the 111 different student clubs registered under FUSA (Flinders University Student Association)

Do none of these clubs suit your interests? No problem, you can start a new club of your own with the help of grants and resources from FUSA.

Did you know that 90% of Flinders University students were satisfied with the university's student services (in a study by International Student Barometer in the year 2018) making them one of the best in Australia?

And if you are someone who loves to lend your voice for the betterment of the community, you can always send in your pieces to the weekly e-newsletter Ping or the student newspaper Empire Times. After all, if there is one thing that Flinders University prides itself on, it is the fact that it teaches its students to be brave and fearless when voicing their opinions.

Honestly, there is nothing to stop you from exploring the unexplored and broadening your horizons. Your life at Flinders is what you make it out to be.

5. Employability

Flinders University has always made sure that its students have the best chance of getting employed when they graduate by implementing a wide range of programs and services.

The Flinders CareersHub is your one-stop-shop for all your future career-related needs. From planning your future to connecting with prospective employers, everything can be done with the help of the university.

The Horizon Professional Development Award is an innovative program that provides opportunities to further develop your professional skills and attain new experiences that will help open doors of employment now and in the future.

Students can also take a look at the vacancy database to look for internships, employment, and volunteering opportunities to further boost up their resumes. And of course, students can also take advantage of the various Job Hacks workshops that focus on building resumes, writing cover letters, interview preparation, and more. So, when the time comes, you are ready to be employed right out of the classroom.

6. Scholarships at Flinders University

Flinders offers international students a variety of scholarship opportunities such as

  • GoBeyond Scholarships
  • Pathways Scholarships
  • Alumni Scholarships
  • Higher Degree Scholarships
  • And other miscellaneous scholarships through tie-ups with external organizations

The GoBeyond Scholarship is an academic scholarship that applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and can give students up to 50% off their course fee. While the Pathways scholarship on the other hand helps students who are studying recognized short courses in Australia to get 20% off a full duration course at Flinders.

Now, we have come to the end of this blog. We talked about a lot of things that Flinders University has to offer. Honestly, there is a lot more on offer at Flinders University for international students but it's impossible to cram it into one blog. This is why you should reach out to our experts by clicking on this link for more information and guidance.

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