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Well, if you're reading this article, we're assuming you're someone who is finally done with High School.

You're excited and scared at the same time, and probably in a state of mind where you're unsure about where you should be headed next, and what course you should be pursuing - STEM, Arts or Business. You're also probably running a long lane and wondering what courses will lead to viable career options after graduation. And that's a good thing to do, by the way.

But hold on! Before you think any further, let us tell you something - this is nothing new or to be worried about. The truth is, everyone goes through these dilemmas and has these questions and apprehensions, the minute they're out of high school. We understand that, and that's why we're here to help you out with all your queries.

So many students have asked us this question before - "Would my career in the field of arts be a well paying one too?". And we've only had one answer to this question - totally YES!

The study of arts is increasingly becoming a much sought-after career option in today's creative world. It is prominently noted that every year, universities across the globe receive a high number of applications for admissions into courses related to performing arts, design, drama, and the creative arts.

If you are looking for some top courses that students around the world aspiring for an artistic career can pursue, keep reading this article!

  • Communication Art

The study of communication consists of mass media, business communication, print media and corporate communication. A lot of cross-cultural interactions happen every day making communication a very effective tool for negotiations and mediation. In an increasingly digital world, digital media and content is growing at a fast rate and is becoming a much sought after option. A few of the many universities offering top-notch courses in communication art are the University of Queensland in Australia, Vancouver Island University in Canada, The Merrimack college in the US etc. A course in communication arts would cost anywhere between $35,000 to $40,000. A minimum GPA requirement is 3.0 in high school and TOEFL is mandated for foreign students. Some countries do offer non-institutional scholarships for these courses but have huge competition.

  • Drama and Performing Arts

"All the world's a stage" as rightly put in by Shakespeare in his play "As you like it" can't be more relevant than it is in today's digital age. The whole world has become a large stage for performers to perform anywhere for any audience - be it online or offline. This makes the field of performing arts and drama a truly exciting one. A good course in drama and performing arts include many disciplines and are not limited to acting, physical theatre, dance, music, and sound and video editing alone. A degree in performing arts is a full-time course for three years and six years if it is being done part-time. A degree in drama and performing arts opens up many career avenues like acting, theatre performance, stand-up comedy, teaching and training, and research and development in creating immersive performances on varied mediums.

The UK and the USA have some renowned programmes in theatre and performing arts. The California Institute of Arts, Actors Studio drama school, The NYU School of Drama etc. are some renowned schools in the USA. The Oxford, The Players Drama School etc. are some top-ranked theatre arts schools in the USA and the UK. A degree in performance arts would cost anywhere between 30,000 to 40,000 dollars and there may be extra costs involved in order to procure equipment and resources for personal use. However, some schools are very well equipped and you may save a few dollars in the initial years.

There are a few scholarships for these programmes that are up for grabs. Though they are highly competitive, applying early and a strong statement of purpose would definitely increase your chances at getting one.

  • Sound Arts and Design

Sound arts, also known as sound design, music production or audio arts prepares students for a career in music production, sound design, and audio arts. A sound art degree is multidisciplinary and has many aspects like music theory, recording skills, the science behind sounds, and practical experience in mixing and mastering the art of sounds. A degree in sound arts and design is a bachelor's degree and is typically a three years degree. A sound engineer's degree is a bachelor's degree in science and may typically take somewhere between three to four years. A degree in sound arts and design leads to numerous opportunities in films. With companies and organizations looking at digital optimization of their business through social media, a sound arts designer has larger avenues to explore. Gaming and virtual reality are gaining a lot of popularity and are some additional avenues to explore too.

Some top-ranked schools are the Swinburne Institute of Technology in Melbourne renowned for their degree in sound arts and design. A degree in sound arts would cost anywhere between 25,000 to 30,000 dollars.

  • Liberal Arts

There is a lot of hype around the study of liberal arts, but what is it exactly? Ever wondered how to approach a problem in an "out of the box" way? How to see it from a different perspective while trying to find solutions? Well, this is where a degree in liberal arts comes into place. It emphasizes on the ability to think critically, analyze and solve complex problems and continue to learn all aspects of a course. It is the study of arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, grammar, logic, and rhetoric and are interrelated to form a holistic pedagogy rather than focusing on one discipline. 

The liberal arts is not just a course but a process that makes a person an all rounder. A degree in liberal arts enables one to be a thinker and be a problem solver than to be a mere executive. A degree in liberal arts with an emphasis on Computer Science would help a student to learn the skills of problem-solving rather than just coding. It would assist in exploring issues, and ideas across various aspects of social sciences and humanities too.

A bachelor's degree in liberal arts is an extensive one and depends on the subject that you wish to focus on. One can pursue a Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Sociology, English, Psychology, History, Computer Science, Communications, and Mathematics. Each field opens up numerous opportunities like advertising, teaching, clinical psychologist, programmer and the list goes on and on. With changing scenarios and the increased use of automation and artificial intelligence, a degree in Liberal arts enables a student to think critically and solve complex problems in a simpler manner.

The University of Windsor, and The Vancouver Island University are the best ranked universities for liberal arts in Canada. The University of Birmingham, Bristol University and King's College are some of the renowned universities in the UK. A degree in Liberal arts would cost $50,000-$55,000 and they have a low acceptance rate too. A degree in Liberal arts is a very competitive one with less scholarship offerings too.

A career in Arts can be absolutely liberating, fulfilling, and equally well paying.

It is a popular belief that STEM careers pay better, but a career in arts not only pays well but opens up various avenues to explore too. A good school and proper mentorship would make sure that one soars sky-high with an artistic career too.

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