Tips to students for online learning during this coronavirus outbreak


We lived in a world with busy people around us, leading a rushed life every day. And now we are in that phase where the entire world is confused. 

The irony is, we are living in the same world with the same people. But this time, not around us, but with their selves.

Things are not like before. Suddenly, roads are emptied without the beautiful long drives, and the street food vendors are stuck inside their houses, which was a huge relief when our stomach rumbles.

Hugs became weapons, and not visiting our loved ones became an act of love. 

We know why. It is because of the COVID - 19 pandemic.

No one is sure of the situation right now, and with the COVID -19 breakouts, and lock-downs everyone seems lost.

Significant transport methods are canceled, No hospital visits unless an emergency, Restaurants closed, social distancing, No maid support. It seems like an ideal situation. But there's a clear message to all of us to 
 "slow down and Learn."

 Staying at home is an absolute necessity now, but we know how tiring and boring it can get! How about making this time worthwhile? 

With the on-going spread of the coronavirus, technology and online learning have become increasingly essential. They are our best buddies. Why not explore those available platforms, make use of the technology, and upgrade yourselves?

Here are a few tips for incorporating during online learning.

Create a study area

Try to mark out a study space. Customize it. Make it comfortable, set boundaries with others while you focus. If your study space is isolated as you are right now, you can absorb the subject quickly.

Keep your learning space tidy.

It's hard to be disciplined to study at home, and even harder if the place is cluttered. It can be challenging to focus when you have distractions around and more difficult on diverting from the regular Study Program.

Take regular breaks in between. Recharge with super-foods and hydrate. It makes for a calmer environment and a concentrated mind for learning.

Keep socializing

You may miss your campus and socialize in person. Reaching out and connecting with your friends on social platforms can maintain a sense of community.

Posting interesting topics on discussion boards and reading your friend's posts can help you to get that feeling of being connected. Set up casual conversations via Skype or FaceTime if you can.

Manage your time

Know that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be registered better in mind than reading a complex note. So,  search for videos that promote virtual education.

Divide your entire day into manageable time slots and take proper breaks. Prioritize your tasks and go with an exciting flow of study.

Learn a Language

There are numerous language learning programs available online. Learn a new language. Practice reading and pronounce words and phrases. An additional language is always an asset when you travel to study abroad.

Do not allow this uncertain time to come in the way of your dreams. Know that nothing would stop us from learning. 
Set yourself a challenge, and allocate a particular time of day for your studies.

The world of online learning is at your fingertips!
At the same time, understand the circumstances happening around. This is the crucial time for you to practice self-care too.

Keep calm and carry on. 

When you can't control what's happening around you, change the way you respond to it. Practice meditation. This will not only stabilize your anxiety but also helps you keep the focus on your learning.

Sweat it out 

There is no other great time than now to indulge in some "me- time. " When plenty of fitness studios are offering free online "at home "work routines, keep yourselves fit.

Make your kitchen a battlefield. 

Rediscover humble fruits, veggies, and nuts that keep you healthy. Build your culinary prowess. Experiment with the various delicacies in your kitchen. Become a master chef, and this skill will be your savior while you study abroad.

Sip a relaxing mug of Chamomile tea,
Keep a journal to write about your quarantine experience,
Unsubscribe to negativity,
Build your immune system, and
Pursue your hobbies.

This lock-down has taught us many things in terms of how we need to look at life in the future...and how we need to prioritize things!!! 

Also, remember a healthy outside starts from a happy inside.


Let's get social.

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