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Dear Customers, due to recent changes at Pearson in Australia, the PTE Academic voucher seller program has been suspended for now. Please fill up the form below if you would like to be notified when the vouchers are back in stock.

AECC Global will continue to offer Education and Migration services as always and we look forward to serving you.

Refund & Reschedule Policy

Please note: no refunds will be made after 90 days of voucher purchase.

Voucher Usage Cancellation / Reschedule Request Type Refund Amount
Did not use Purchased the voucher but did not book the test An admin charge of $100 per voucher will be deducted.
Booked the test Cancellation (more than 7 days before test date) Eligible for refund of 50% of test fee paid.
Booked the test Cancellation (7  days or less before test date) No refunds will be made.
Booked the test Reschedule (more than 7 days before test date) No refunds. Incurs an extra cost of 25% of the test fee paid.
Booked the test Reschedule (7 days or less before test date) No refunds. A full new test booking fee will apply.

To proceed with the Refund Request, click here to download the refund form. Kindly send the completed form to Please ensure that all details are correct to avoid delays in processing your request.

We will process your refund towards your bank account in 30 days.