Looking for a reliable migration agent in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane? Look no further. AECC Global is one of the best registered migration agents in Australia (MARN: 1681127, 1687792, 1791460).

Our team speaks 10 different languages and comprises of Indian, Filipino, Nepalese, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Persian agents and consultants who deliver quality service in a professional manner. We uphold the company’s motto, Ethical Counselling, giving guidance to aspiring students and migrants in Australia.

You can always expect high standard of service from us. This is what make us one of the most recommended migration service provider for international students and job-seekers.

We have helped hundreds of clients with:

We take pride in our firm commitment to international students in their education journey and represent hundreds of top universities and colleges in Australia. Our education consulting team has an in-depth expertise and experience which positions us a leading education consultant.

AECC Global will strive to continuously maintain its high standard of professionalism, top position amongst visa consultants in Melbourne and being the best 457 agents for Temporary Skilled Migrants.

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