Cost of Education

Tuition fees for varies for different courses and universities & institutions.

A bachelor's degree can cost anywhere between NZ$ 18,000 and NZ$ 25, 000 approximately per year.

The cost of studying a Diploma or Post-Graduate Diploma in New Zealand may cost NZ$ 10,000 to NZ$ 20,000 approximately per year, while cost of studying for a

Post Graduate Diploma may be anywhere between NZ$ 15,000 and NZ$ 30,000.

The estimated living cost or living expenses in New Zealand can be NZ$1012,000 and NZ$ 1215,000 approximately per year.

Cost of Living in New Zealand

New Zealand cost of living can vary anywhere between NZ$ 7,000 to NZ$ 12,000, depending upon the student's lifestyle.

International students need to explore the various options with regard to accommodation and food to bring down the living expenses in New Zealand.

Student need to show NZ$ 15,000 for his living as per the Immigration Rules.

Some of the accommodation options for students studying in New Zealand include:

Student Hostels/ Halls of residence: NZ$ 200 approximately per week
Home Stay/ Private Board: NZ$ 180 approximately per wee
Flat Accommodation: NZ$ 120 approximately per week along with a bond.

Health Insurance for Studying Abroad in New Zealand

All foreign students are required to have a health insurance while studying in New Zealand.

The approximate cost to get a student health insurance in New Zealand can be around NZ$ 399 400 to 500per year. or NZ$ 33.25 per month.

International Scholarships 

To attract more international students and strengthening its educational partnership with other countries, New Zealand offers many international scholarships.

A wide variety of scholarships offered to international students in New Zealand are provided by the government, educational institutes, private funding source or foreign governments.

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