SAT Exam Preparation Tips

Candidates are expected to prepare aptly by following the preparation guidelines provided by the College Board to score well in a SAT Exam. The following are the section-wise SAT Exam Preparation tips that will help you score a high score.

SAT Exam Preparation for Reading Section:

  • Scan through the passages. Do not wholly read each passage or reread any of the passages. Since you will be asked to answer in 65 minutes for 5 passages, the chances are high that you might miss out on answering for a couple of passages while rereading them.

  • Pick critical points of the passages to help you understand and quickly point out where the answers are placed for each question of a passage.

  • Questions are not hierarchically placed in terms of difficulty. Hence, try answering questions you are sure of first and then focus on questions that require some time to analyse. This process will help you plan your time better.

  • Try solving as many practise papers as possible at your SAT Exam Coaching Centre. It will help you understand the types of passages given and questions asked in the SAT Exam.

  • There is no negative mark in the SAT exam format. Hence, you are free to answer all questions. Even when you are unsure of answers, you can pick an answer to help boost your score.

SAT Exam Preparation Tips for Writing Section:

  • Similar to the reading section, pay attention while scanning through the passages to answer as many questions as possible.
  • Spend ample time on checking the Grammar; focus on punctuations, spellings and sentence structure. Most marks in the writing section will fall under the Grammar category.
  • Practise idioms, homophones, clauses and tenses.
  • Get used to answering many practice papers at your SAT Exam coaching centre. This process will help your instructors find where you need help and to train you accordingly. 
  • Try practising to keep up some extra time at the end of the writing test. It will help you analyse and recheck your answers for any spelling errors.

SAT Exam Preparation Tips for Math Section:

  • Be familiar with trigonometric, algebra and geometric formulae as they will help you solve multiple-choice questions in both calculator and non-calculator sections.
  • Prepare and practice in such a way so you can solve small calculations mentally. This will help save time in the non-calculator section. Even in the calculator section, mental calculations act as a catalyst to quickly complete the steps and help save time to recheck the answers.
  • Practice enough to get accurate answers at the coaching centre to crack the Grid-in questions and recheck your answers while marking them on the OMR Sheet.

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