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Nipissing University is a Canadian University comprised of a Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies and Schulich School of Education. Nipissing University offers programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Nipissing University is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

About Nipissing University

Founded in 1967, Nipissing University was formed as an affiliate of Laurentian University. It is situated in North Bat, Ontario, Canada, and is renowned for its small class size, having innovative and supportive staff and giving immense research opportunities to students. In 1992, the university started functioning as an independent university to grant baccalaureate degrees to its students. In 2001, a bill was passed by the Government of Ontario to revise the universitys charter to permit it to grant graduate degrees. The North Bay Teachers College was incorporated into Nipissing College as the Faculty of Education. Nipissing University is well known for its excellence in the field of art, science and teacher education. The environment is student-focused with the emphasis being laid on personal teaching methodologies and innovative ways of teaching. It has created a positive impact on the students’ cultural, economic and social life. Students not only learn academics but also learn to develop social and professional skills. The education system is such that they enable students to think independently and work on problem-solving skills. The university offers an undergraduate program in economics, fine arts, biology, anthropology, classical studies, to name a few. The university offers professional studies in business, commerce, criminal justice, nursing and social work. The university offers postgraduate courses like Master of Arts in History, Master of Arts in Sociology, Master of education, Master of Science in Kinesiology, Master of Science in Mathematics and PhD in Education. The graduate school operates in three terms: Fall term (i.e. September to December), Winter term (i.e. January to April) and Spring/Summer term (i.e. May to August). The academic year starts with the Fall term and is preceded by the Winter term. The university has a few partnership programs in Environmental Biology and Technology, Criminology and Criminal Justice (Policing Stream), and Social Welfare and Social Development allow students to earn both a bachelors degree and a college diploma from Canadore College in four years. Some of the notable alumni and the awards they have received include Julio Viskovich - Dr James Jamleieson Influential Alumni Award, Alicia Gal - Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, Alysha Young - Rising Star Alumni Award, to name a few. For graduate students, there is funding available both from internal and external sources. The value of the scholarship differs. There are numerous organizations which provide funding to students. Nipissing University offers online or distance learning courses in Bachelor of Commerce ( 4-year) degree and Bachelor of Commerce (3-year) degree. The online courses are live-streamed, which are scheduled between 6 PM to 9 PM, Monday to Friday.


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