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What is Professional Year Program?
Why should you consider a Professional Year Program?
What is the duration of this program?
When is the next intake?
Who is eligible to enrol in Professional Year?
Which visa do I need?
Do the classes run on weekdays or weekends?
What's the fee for the program?
Can the fee be paid in installments?
What is the duration of the internship?
Can I relocate to undertake the Program?
Is the internship paid?
Which are the best providers for the program?
Which cities can I study in?
Can I take a break during the program?
Can I take an internship in my own company?
Can I take a break my internship once started?
Can I arrange my own internship?
Does successful completion of the Professional Year Program guarantee employment?
Why should you choose AECC Global?
How do I get to start?