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Best Nursing Courses for International Students

Discover your study and career opportunities as a nurse in Australia! Whether you are just starting out and looking for your best options for nursing programs or you have studied nursing in the past and looking to upgrade your nursing qualifications to obtain Australian nurse registration, we can help you.

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Why is Australia the preferred destination for Nursing students?

Australia has always taken pride in providing high quality education. Australian Nursing Programs have been meticulously developed to impart theoretical knowledge and hone practical skills required in delivering excellent healthcare services.

The Philippines is the largest exporter of nurses worldwide. The caring and compassionate nature of Filipino nurses coupled with their language skills make them highly sought after globally. However, in most instances their career opportunities are limited by the qualifications gained locally. An Australian nursing qualification with its international recognition can open up countless doors for these individuals.

Another appealing reason for practicing nurses to consider Australia is the Bridging Program for Nurses or popularly known as IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses). Overseas nurses coming from different backgrounds and practice are prepared thoroughly to be integrated into the Australian workforce. It strengthens their existing knowledge and skills; orient them to best practice methods in their field; and make them aware of their conduct and legal responsibilities in the practice of their profession in Australia.

Also as the third most preferred destination for international students, the country continues to attract international students and tourists alike because of the culture, the sceneries, the laid back atmosphere and the unique flora and fauna and the thousand and one reasons why Australia is the place to be.

It is good to note that most international students can work for up to forty (40) hours every two weeks during semester and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break and public holidays.

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What is Nursing?

Nursing is a profession focused on the care of individuals and communities with scientific knowledge, trainings and skills developed through extensive education and career. Nurses are focused in promoting health and prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing and optimization of health and of life. Nurses work in a diverse range of settings including hospitals, community settings, general practices, prisons, homes and residential settings.

Courses Available by Providers

AECC Global proudly represents the best Australian education providers, assisting students with their course applications and visa processes, making personalized education pathway recommendations and ensuring a worry-free experience. Following are some of the qualifications offered:

  • Bridging Program (IRON – Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses)
  • Master of Nursing • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing (1 or 2 year streams)
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Other vocational programs in allied health areas (i.e., individual support, aged care, disability)
Entry Requirements

Australian institutions would assess the student’s previous educational qualification, English proficiency and work experience to determine eligibility for a specific program.

Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning

Depending on previous studies and experiences, students could be eligible for credit towards the chosen program. This will avoid taking the same unit or similar qualifications already taken from previous studies. It will help minimize the cost of the course, help students focus on other units and shorten the course duration, allowing more time for practical trainings.

Further Study Pathways

Students of Nursing depending on their study goals, are able to design the pathway depending on their academic achievements. From Certificates to Diplomas (and Advanced Diplomas), to Bachelor Degrees and to Master and Doctoral, our AECC Global Consultants are committed to outline your pathway to success.

Employment Opportunities

Nurses cover a wide range of settings, from hospitals, private clinics, rural/community centers, to schools, prisons, rehabilitation centers and the likes. There are opportunities for nurses to explore other field such as in Aged Care, Education, Neonatal Care and Community Health.

Pathway to Success

We at AECC Global are committed in helping create personalized pathway to success in your chosen career and in Australia. Contact us now and start your future today.


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