Australian Education System

Australia is known to deliver programs which are recognized globally. The reputation built is reflected in the increasing number of international students going to Australia each year. The diversity in study areas across more than 1000 institutes attracts more students to choose Australia as their study destination.

Australian Education System is divided into Schools, Foundation, VET, Undergraduate and Postgraduate.


Primary & Secondary Schools : It begins at the age of five and they learn to be in a group which helps them develop respect, tolerance and teamwork among their peers. As for Secondary schools, more mature children normally teens, learn core subjects such as English, Math and Sciences and later on some elective which can help them prepare more for their career.
Foundation :  These programs are made for international students aim to ease transition from a student’s education in their home county into Australian undergraduate degrees. Usually about a year to finish but high-achieving student can opt to do the 9 months fast-track program.


Education providers such as TAFE, public and private institutions offer courses from Certificate I-IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. This sector aims to provide competencies focusing on skills development relevant in a field of skilled specialisation.


Bachelor Degrees are normally of 3 years duration and requires completion of year 12 in the Philippines. Undergraduate courses are delivered in Universities or Colleges in large cities or regional areas in all states.


Courses offered include Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters or PhD. These courses require completion of a recognised Bachelor’s Degree. Entry to most Postgraduate Courses is highly competitive and needs a high English proficiency requirement.


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