On-spot Admissions

For most international students, the process of short listing, applying and waiting on the decision of a foreign university is an experience fraught with anxiety and unending paperwork and devoid of any personal contact.

AECC Global's partnership with leading universities in Australia means that we are able to offer students on-spot admissions to the course and university of their choice by organizing a meeting with a university representative. This gives students the opportunity to meet with an admissions officer of the institute and get all their questions answered. What's more, students can bring along their paperwork (standardized test results, transcripts etc.) in the meeting and fill up an application form. If they meet the criteria for the university/course, the admission officer can grant an acceptance on the spot.

On-spot admissions offer a range of benefits like:

  1. Lack of a waiting period between application and acceptance
  2. Allows the admissions officer to have ‘pre-admission counseling sessions’ for students who may need to submit additional credentials, recommendations or personal statements to complete the admissions process
  3. Savings in form of instant application waivers and scholarships
  4. Benefits like free English Proficiency Test s are available from time to time
  5. Personalized counseling on course options & choices available


At AECC Global we often organize a variety of on-spot admission opportunities for students. Fill up the form on the right to have one of our experienced consultants help you. 

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