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Are you an international student who recently graduated and wanting to start your career in Australia? Is the lack of “local experience” a hindrance from getting that dream job?

Our internship program is just what you need. In collaboration with Performance Education, we can direct you to the right direction to gain that coveted local experience in your chosen industry. With over 3,000 host companies across 3 key cities in the country, the program will enhance your skills, boost your employment opportunities and have the advantage among competition.

Why do I need an internship program?

By attending an internship program, you are able to bridge the gap between study and employment. Job training allows you to apply your theoretical knowhow to real situations. It also lay foundations in developing your expertise in the occupation. In most cases, hiring managers would prefer applicants with considerable amount of work experience.

Benefits in internship program

Australian workforce is highly competitive and international graduates often encounter difficulties penetrating the job market. Enrolling and completing the internship program increases the chance of landing in your preferred role. Here are the other benefits of:

  • Understand and experience the Australian work culture
  • Improve communication skills
  • Gain work experience
  • Increase employability and competitiveness
  • Enhance resume with work experience
  • Expand professional network
  • Possible employment in host company
How to start the internship program?

Speak to one of our Education Consultants and discuss your options. AECC Global in collaboration with Performance Education will lead you to the most suitable and available internship position from over 3000 host companies across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Available Internship Positions
With over 3000 host companies across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, there are plenty of available positions to choose from. We will help you select the most suitable position to gain relevant work experience. Here are examples of open positions for interns:    


  • Marketing and Events
  • Digital Marketing and SEO
  • Information Technology and Web Development
  • Networking
  • Data Analysis 
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
Paid internship vs non-paid internship

It is the discretion of the company to offer payment to the hired intern. However, it should not be expected as a common practice. What is more valuable is the work experience and professional network you build.

Is employment guaranteed after the internship program?

No, there is no guarantee that you will be absorbed by the host company after the program. But still, your host company has the option to offer you the job should they find you fit for the position based on performance. This has happened in the past and it can also be a possibility for you.

Kick start your career in Australia with quality internship program via AECC Global in collaboration with Performance Education. With over 3000 host companies in across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, we’ll find the perfect intern position to get you ahead of the competition.

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