Employment growth over the next few decades will be driven by our increasing reliance on technology and the continuing importance of maintaining system and network security.

There are very few ways in which technology does not affect our lives, and with technological advances continuing to change the way people live their lives daily, employers need well-educated and highly qualified individuals who understand the latest developments in technology to fill high-tech positions.

Graduates can look forward working in Information Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy firms, software houses, ICT service providers, telecom companies, local / central government, educational institutions, e-commerce companies/call centres or start-up companies.

Courses to choose from:

  • Certificate III in Information Technology
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Master of Information Technology
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